Home again

Riley is still running a fever for the third day in a row.  I cleaned Julia all up last night and sprayed the beds, did loads and loads of laundry and then today I tackled Riley's hair.  So grateful that there was nothing to be found in her hair - all clear!  Makes me itch just thinking about it all.

Last night was a real ordeal.  Julia screamed and cried through two hours of doing little itty bitty sections of her hair.  She didn't want it pulled up in sections and wanted it down.  That started the crying.  Then it was wet.  And cold.  (She was in a robe with a towel around her neck)  The liquid gets very wet and I could see why she was uncomfortable.  The problem was that it was all so little and very very hard to get out in some spots.  Took her to the shower when it was all done for the final shampoo and she screamed through that as well.  Nothing we did or said helped.  And it was so hard to keep going, but we couldn't stop as we needed to make sure we got it all out.

By the time she was done with the treatment, her eyes were red from crying so much.  She crashed hard in bed and slept hard all night.

This morning Riley woke with a lower fever.  Her eyes look better and thinking that we are probably nearing the end.Still continuing to do laundry and spent over an hour just putting it all away.

Julia stayed home today as we got to bed so late last night because of how long the treatment took last night.  Plus I want to keep her away from her classroom another day to give them time to get it clean.  Called the school to let them know about Julia.  Has been a peaceful morning and looks beautiful outside.


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