February Spending

February 2 - bought a piece of sheet music from www.chadlawson.com for $3.99
     I was laying next to Julia on the couch trying to help her fall asleep for her nap as she was having a tough time getting comfortable.  We turned on the calm/meditation station on Pandora and I heard this beautiful piano arrangement.  Wrote down the song/artist and found the sheet music.  Then spent about 30 minutes tonight learning it and practicing.  Thinking I may have to add to the resolution list that I want to learn a new piano piece every month as it was so peaceful, relaxing and meditative to be able to play.

February 13 - bought a Valentine's Card and a Yoda plush doll that came with candy for $6.99.  Jeremy enjoyed it :)

Late February -
Birthday present for Riley's friend - $30

Substitute Lesson Plan Crate, file folders, labels, hanging folders - $58

Total spent this month:  $98.98

Wow!  What a great month of spending (or saving!!).  I had forgotten about the birthday present and the substitute lesson plan stuff.  Bummer!  It was even better when I thought I'd only spent less than $11!


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