Double Flu

Riley is confirmed to have both strains of the flu!  Wow - what a week!!  The doctor walked in after the flu test and asked "Didn't you just go through this with Julia?"  I said "Yes."  He then says "Are you ready to go through it again?"  Then told me that she tested positive for both A and B strains.  Since it has been over 24-48 hours, the Tamiflu won't work so we just have to ride it out.  I'm still in shock as she even had the flu shot!

I really feel like this is a test of character this week.  Part of me wants to just cry from being so tired and part of me feels tough and strong.  It's been a pain for sure.  I've loved the time with the girls despite it being full of sickness.

Plumber is going to be here in the next hour so we'll see how that goes as well!


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