Month Two Goal Review

Two months into the year... how the goals are coming:

1 - Sent emails or cards to special friends.  Loving this one!

2 - Go to Orff Level 2 in Summer of 2014 at SMU.... have to wait until summer comes to go, but will enroll once I hear about the Master's Degree!

3 - Finished my Master's Degree Application to SMU, had my interview with Dr. Scott and all my references are in!  Will know in three weeks whether I am accepted to the program or not.

4 - Read these books this month:
    A.  Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide that You'll ever need by Dave Barry
    B.  The curious incident of the dog in the night- time by Mark Haddon
    C.  Switch:  How to change when change is hard
    D.  Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
*Started Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" and working through the "Total Money Makeover" with Jeremy

5 - Did amazing this month - spent just under $11 TOTAL!  No new clothes, shoes or unnecessary purchases and it felt really great ...unless you count lice treatments for Julia (ugh and expensive as I went overboard to make sure we had the best chance to rid ourselves of it), flu medicine at $220, dr. visits and days off of work after using all my days, a broken heater, brand new garbage disposal and large hole in the chimney that were all fixed.  It was an expensive month, but not due to my spending on clothes and things!

6 - The girls allowance got put on hold while they were sick with flu this month.  And they don't really seem to care.  Still playing around with how exactly to work it.

7 - Exercising has turned into an everyday thing which has been amazing.  Started the program P90x3 and absolutely loving it.  30 minutes a day and it truly is awesome.  And hard.  Feeling strong and determined.  Two weeks in and feeling great!

8 - Travel plans to be determined later.

9 - Start the money saving challenge.  Savings are going great!!!  Loving this. The jar is filling and we're ahead of where we need to be which is great!
To see the challenge, click here:

10 - Kindness Advent to come in December... only 9 more months away!

11 - Downstairs bathroom still ugly... moving on...

12 - Have not attended a women's bible study yet... summer...

13 - Cook a meal with my mom every month.  Our meal was incredibly delicious!  Check out the menu and recipe information here:   February Meal

14 - Pray for a particular person(s) each day of the week all year - much better this month; still striving to make a particular time each day to do this and to make it more habitual (if that makes sense).  Will use some strategies presented in the book "Switch" that I read!

15 - Learn one new song on the piano each month.
I learned to play the Ballade in C Minor by Chad Lawson. It has become one of my favorite songs!  Still have a tricky part towards the end of the song that I mess up (excuse that part) and the sniffles are all from Julia.
Click HERE to listen to the recording done using MicPro:  Working on this....

I especially love the conversation I have with Julia in the middle of the song:
Julia:  "You're not done yet"
Me:  "No I'm not"
Julia:  "Dis is a long song!!"

And the end when I've been watching Julia playing near my phone and stop abruptly to see what she's been up to... didn't realize it was still recording :)


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