Perfect Day

Tonight Julia was exhausted and asked if she could put on her pjs.  I took her upstairs, brushed teeth, put on pjs and read three books plus the Bible.  We laid down on her bed and snuggled together.

She leaned in really close with her head on my shoulder and sighed while saying "Ahhh... I like that."

Julia started to get hot so she sat up and pulled her leggings up to her thighs.  When she did, there were sparks from static electricity.  The look on her face was priceless despite the dark.  Her eyes just lit up as she said "Did you see the sparkles?!"  I smiled and said that I did.  She laughed and asked to do it again.  So we found different ways to make 'sparkles.'  She loved it.

Then she kissed my cheeks and I kissed hers.  She gave me a huge grin and started to chuckle.  I started to chuckle too.  Then she sighs again and says the sweetest words:

"This day was perfect!"


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