Flu Strikes

We've had a very healthy 2013 except for when the girls both got the flu in January of 2013.  Julia is having a repeat experience.  Only one week later this year than last year.

It has been a tough day.  I feel awful that I didn't get her the flu vaccine this year (again) and that I didn't learn the lesson from last year's experience.  Riley and I had our vaccines at school which was convenient and free.  Jeremy did not get his and neither did Julia.  I even told Jeremy several times that I needed to get Julia vaccinated and then didn't.

Yesterday when we picked Julia up from school, she was feeling quite hot.  Her eyes had the darkened circles and I could tell she wasn't feeling well.  I asked her teacher how her day had been and if she had felt hot at all.  She said that Julia was perfect and that she wore her winter coat on recess even though it was 70 degrees out.  Julia hates wearing coats no matter how cold it is and never wears them unless forced.  I knew she wasn't doing well.

She spiked a high fever last night.  Our thermometers are missing so we couldn't take a temp.  Just felt that she was very hot despite using Advil/Tylenol.  This morning Jeremy went out to the store while I did piano lessons (kept Julia out of the area and away from all students) and he got a thermometer.

We took Julia to the doctor this afternoon and she was diagnosed with Flu Strain B.  Last year she had double flu so at least this is somewhat better (ok not really, but feeling a lot of guilt).

Then we went to Walmart and picked up the $221 prescription.  Yup.  And that's with 'good' insurance.

Julia was restless early tonight and is finally sleeping.  Praying that she can sleep more soundly than last night and that she continues to get better.  It's so sad to watch your baby look so pitiful and sick.

My parents are incredibly amazing and offered to have Riley spend the night at their house so we could focus on Julia.  Wow - what a God-send.


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