Riley has been dying to use the texting on her new iPod.  Tonight Jeremy hooked her up with access to me via texts and Facetime.  She thought it was hilarious!!  Couldn't stop laughing when she'd see me on Facetime.

I sent her upstairs to get ready for bed.  She said she was scared to go up by herself, but I told her she'd see me walking up the stairs on her ipod.  So she went up and sat on her bed and was laughing so hard when she saw me walking up.

Then she kept writing me messages.  As I put her to bed, she set her iPod on her nightstand.  She said she'd call me in the morning when she woke up :)

As we were reading tonight, she laughed and said "Oh my gosh.  I can't believe I wrote my first text tonight!  Eeekkkk!!!!"

Here were her texts to me:

I. Love. You. Mom. I. Hop. You. Hav. A. God

Mom. I. Love. You.

Mom. I. Hop. You. Hav. A. God. Day

Riley. Words.

Mom. Words.

Mom. I. See. Tat. You. Ar. Gowin. To. Taxt.


Do. You. See. Me. No. But. Is. Bed. Tim.

Do. You. No. Me.

Love that she puts periods at the ends of her words!  Such a sweet girl!!!


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