Julia's First Christmas Program

Tonight Julia's school put on their annual Christmas program.  Super cute.  It was hilarious watching some of the kids as they put on their own special show with no thought to what they were supposed to be doing.  After all, they are 2-4 years of age and all have minds of their own.

Julia was dressed in an adorable shirt made from her handprints for reindeer antlers and a little reindeer face with her name at the bottom.  Ms. Shaun did such a great job on them!!  Then they had 'jingle bells' made from red handkerchiefs with two jingle bells tied around them.

Her class walked out onto the stage of the church and she was very happy go lucky.  Totally herself.  Not scared at all.  She finally saw us and just smiled.  She was very happy to wave her jingle bell handkerchief and hit herself in the face a few times :)

Julia didn't really sing very much, but she has sung the songs to me a few times.  They were:  Jingle Bells and 1 little, 2 little, 3 little reindeer.... pulling Santa's sleigh (to the tune of "1 little 2 little 3 little Indians").


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