Tonight Riley quoted all of John 3:16 for us and said that she had been working on learning the lesson well.  It was awesome.  Then she told us that she learned it from the book of Matthew. :)

We started singing some worship songs and she says "I don't like singing.  I only like calm songs."

Me:  Don't you sing calm songs at church?

Riley:  No.  Only like Silent Night.

Me:  Do they sing "God I look to you.  I won't be overwhelmed...." (we start singing the worship song together)

Riley:  Come on everybody!  Sing with us!

Me:  Do they say that during the service?

Riley:  Yes.  It's so annoying.  I hate when they say that.

Me:  Why is that?

Riley:  Because they totally interrupt the song when they do that.


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