Riley came to me around bedtime tonight and showed me a piece of paper that was very crumpled and folded everywhere.  She had drawn a picture of the pjs she had really wanted and which turned out to be part of her Halloween costume this year.  They were colored pink and she had drawn bones onto the sleeves and legs.

Riley: Mom, you crumpled my feelings.

Me:  What did I do?  Did I crumple that paper?  I don't remember that paper.  Can you explain to me what happened?

Riley:  I wanted tape one day and you said you'd get me some, but you didn't get it when I wanted it.  So I crumpled up the paper because you crumpled my feelings. (tears up)

Me:  Riley, I don't remember that day, but I am very sorry that I hurt your feelings and I am sorry that I made you feel so sad.

Riley: You only made me sad one time, Mom.  You've only crumpled my feelings one time and it was this day when I drew this.


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