9 Year Anniversary

Nine years ago on Dec. 27, Jeremy and I were married.  We have always celebrated with a nice dinner out.  This year Jeremy surprised me with a night out at a local hotel and a wonderful dinner out.  My parents came and stayed with the girls at our house.  The girls were incredibly well behaved and slept fabulous. (My dad - not so much due to being snuggled next to Julia on her lower mattress that is the least comfortable one in the house.  She kept sticking her foot on him and moving.)

We fed the girls dinner and then headed out to dinner at Isabella's Restaurant in Frisco.  We'd heard a lot about it and loved it.  It's a smaller restaurant.  Service was wonderful and we had two small glasses of sparkling wine given to us as an anniversary treat.  There was a gorgeous stone wall in the restaurant and it was really delicious food.

Then we headed to the mall to walk around.  Didn't buy anything but enjoyed our time out. Thought about getting dessert, but figured there would be a restaurant at the hotel.  Turned out, there was just a mini bar area.

We went to our hotel - the A Loft.  It's a newer hotel from the Westin group.  Love Westin Hotels.  It was modern and fun.

It was also really cold but we were hungry enough that we decided to go to Cheesecake Factory and picked up some amazing cheesecakes - Red Velvet cake cheesecake and Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake.  A.ma.zing.

There wasn't anything on tv so we watched the top 100 artists on VH1 and read.  Was nice and relaxing.

In the morning, we went shopping a little more.  The two gifts I really wanted for Christmas was a new pair of running shoes (my old ones are over three years old and have no support or cushion anymore) and a new pair of brown knee high boots as I don't have one and would love to wear them with a lot of things.

We found a pair of running shoes at DSW that I love.  Later in the day, I went to Willow Bend Mall and found two pairs of brown knee high boots.  A lot of boots were on sale.  Then they had an additional 25% off boots.  And I had an additional 20% that.  So killer sales!

The taupe pair that I got were originally $199.  On sale for $99.  Minus 25%.  Minus another 20%.  Total was $60.

The dark brown pair was originally $278.  On sale for $199.  Minus 25%.  Minus anohter 20%.  Total was $119.

They equaled less than the one pair I had loved at DSW.

Love good sales!!!

Anthropologie had cute skirts for cheap on their sale racks.  Got a pink one for $6.96.  Originally $68.  And a country style cream one for $6.96.  Originally $78.  Gotta love that!

It was a fantastic anniversary celebration and so nice to finally have some quality time with Jeremy.


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