What was I thinking?!

Attempted to teach three piano students after a full day of teaching while juggling three girls, helping with dinner and prepping them for Julia's performance tonight.  What was I thinking!?

Normally it works out if it is just Madi and Riley.  They don't always behave great, but they are old enough to listen and are getting better about being respectful of the time when I am teaching.  Julia just wants to hang out with me and play and doesn't really care what I need to do.  She just wants me.

Julia her program tonight so I picked her up from daycare so that I could get her some dinner and let her hang out at home rather than spending loads of time at school followed by a program.  Good idea, but tried to juggle too much.  And hanging out while I taught lessons was not on Julia's list of things she wanted to do.

Through the hour and a half that I taught, Julia emptied a button container and decided to throw the buttons all over the living room.  Spent about five minutes playing with them quietly and the rest of the time climbing on things and tossing buttons in the air.

Madi was extremely sweet and made her mac and cheese and a hot dog.  Got her plate ready.  She was truly amazingly helpful and offered to help do it.  Thanked her big time and truly appreciated her thoughtfulness.

Julia didn't want to eat what Madi made.  And Madi did an awesome job.  So instead she snuck into the kitchen and pulled a chair over to the counter where I had some cookies that a student had made for me in a baggie.  She opened them and helped herself to them.  And decided dinner wasn't for her.

She followed this with sitting in a chair next to me during the lessons.  Being melodramatic and trying to pull me and reluctantly sitting on my lap so she could press the piano keys too.

Needless to say the lessons for two students went well.  But one lesson that all of this happened during did not.  Note to self:  stop overachieving and realize some things just don't work.


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