Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve this year was very special.  The girls and I went to church at the noon service while Jeremy was at work.  He ended up working late so we went on over to my parents house after Julia's nap ended around 3:45pm.  Jeremy met us there soon after.

We had the most delicious shishkabobs (sp?!) with rice and veggies/chicken.  Loved it.  Yum!!

Riley could not wait to open the presents!!!  As soon as Jeremy walked in the door, she asked if she could open them now.  So we told her to give him a few minutes to rest before we got into all of it.  She went over to Grandma and Grandma helped her set the timer on the microwave - for three minutes.

Once the timer went off, it was on.  The girls went upstairs as there were a few gifts that weren't wrapped that we needed to bring out.  They counted to ten and danced in a circle before coming down.

They each found their new vespa for their dolls.  Too cute.  Then started to open gifts.  Riley was sooo excited about the first package she opened - paper, pencils and erasers.  She called out "This is the best Christmas EVER!!!"  Love how everything makes her incredibly satisfied.  Julia was able to open her own presents this year and loved every second of it.

Riley got a new American Girl You Doll so now she has a charm necklace as well as access to their online games.  And it was the doll she had circled from the catalog.  Big hit!  Julia got a doll that looks the AG dolls and she loved it as well.  There were several doll items tonight from both my parents, Uncle Jon and Aunt Allison and us.

Riley got the puppy bed, bowl and toy from AG and Julia got a doll bed with bedding.  The girls both got matching chairs for their dolls that attach to the table top and have silverware, cup and plate/bowl.  Now the dolls can sit next to them at the table while they are eating.  They love it.  They have had their doll next to them at every meal.

Jon and Allison found fake makeup for Julia.  So thankful because she is constantly trying to use mine or gets into it and has stuff all over her.  Also got her a cute unicorn animal.  They got Riley this really cute horse barn with four horses in it.

My parents found this awesome set where there are tons of things to do with your doll - bed, closet, bath, high chair, shelves.  All in one.  The girls opened it together and played with it while we were there before dinner.

All day Julia walked around the house singing songs she had heard.  Deck the Halls is definitely her favorite with all the "ya ya ya ya ya's" instead of "Fa la la's."  She also sang "Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Kwanzaa..." repeatedly.  Cracked me up.

We took the girls home and got them settled down quite quickly.  We had a mission to accomplish and we needed them asleep for it to work.  So thankful they fell asleep fast.  I put Riley down and then took over for Jeremy to put down Jules so he could start on the mission first.  Julia looked at me and said "Daddy leave now.  You stay.  Do you see my new doll?  Santa coming!!  I got lots of things.  I have lots of stuff."


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