12 Dates of Christmas

I kept a secret from Jeremy.  So very hard for me to do and I did it for almost four months.  Found another gift idea on Pinterest called the 12 Dates for Christmas.  You save up gift cards, cash, groupons, etc...  and then you put them in envelopes that are labeled for each month.  So I've been stashing away cash and gift cards for each month.  Kept buying them with our Walmart bill so he wouldn't get suspicious.

Then bought a basket at Pottery Barn to present it in.  The basket will then be used in our armoire where we were hoping to get one.  So I got another matching basket at PB so that we can each have one to use to put our things in it each day.

Jeremy was very much surprised as we planned to not get each other anything this year.  I realize it is also as much a gift for myself and was glad to know he hadn't gotten me anything this year as we didn't need to get each other anything.  However, I really do feel that time together is the most precious gift that we could have - being that we hardly talk and don't have downtime together like we should.  So one date night a month will definitely help.  Has been my New Year's Resolution the last two years and will be on my list again this year.  Only next year should be more doable with the help of some of the costs being covered already!

Merry Christmas!!


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