More Hives

Julia woke up this morning with no hives, spots or anything on her skin other than her epidermis :)

She was still extremely tired from throwing up so much yesterday.  Didn't eat much and did manage to keep down even what she did drink so today was huge progress from yesterday.

Later in the afternoon, we went into the playroom to play.  Julia went into the playhouse and came partially out, grabbing the curtain at the front of one of the playhouses with her hands and rubbing her face/cheeks onto the fabric and bumping her elbows into it.  Not a moment later, large hives (totally different looking that the Erythema that she's been battling) started to form all over every area that rubbed against the fabric.

These are the same hives I get from my allergic reactions and I have no doubt that these are actually hives.  Safe to say, I was wrong and the dr. was right about the diagnosis at the ER the other day.

Julia has quite a few covering her cheeks and chin.  They started to bump up all over her hands and knuckles.  She told me "No worry, Mom.  I no use marker on me."  She was concerned over all the color and bumps that were forming on herself.

Gave her more benadryl.  Thinking that she is very much allergic to whatever the material has been touching before it came to us.  It had been in Jeremy's coworker's barn the past year or two.  We didn't even think about washing it before sewing it.  Why?  Not sure.  Just didn't.  Feel like an idiot for not thinking about it or doing it.  Especially now that we have this monstrosity in our playroom that is totally awesome, but that is breaking Julia out horribly every time she goes into it.  Jeremy and I have talked tonight about what to do about it.  We can strip off the covers and possibly have them dry cleaned.  We can take them off and leave them off and use just the lights.  Or we can just take them off.

Poor Julia.  She went to bed really early and was very exhausted.  Praying our sweet girl can get better and stay better!


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