Christmas Day

Julia had a fitful night of sleep.  I know because I was with her.  Bad coughs and just kept flipping and flopping.  Finally settled but woke up around 6am.  We watched Dora in our bedroom until Riley came bursting in - running as fast as she could.  "There are presents under the tree!!!  Come on!"

We all went downstairs.  The girls immediately started to open gifts.  We had them wait after they each opened two or three.  They opened their stockings and then we told them that we'd do a special breakfast upstairs in the playroom.  Got breakfast made and headed up.

Riley was like "Um... what is in the playroom? I see something in there!"  The girls were really quite speechless at what they saw.  Riley walked through the doorway of one house, through the tunnel, out the other doorway and circled around.  Julia followed and they kept running and going through it.  Not much was said, but they were smiling very big.

They loved sitting in the tunnel and eating breakfast.  Then we went downstairs to open more presents.  Riley was really sweet with Julia "Oh Jules - there's another one!  Oh I think you'll love it!"  And Julia kept asking "Is there one more?  I open another one!"  Riley opened more pencils and said "Wow.  This is the best Christmas Ever!!!!"

The girls got a variety of gifts.  At the end, I turned to Jeremy and said "Umm... don't we have one more gift?  Isn't there something we're forgetting?"  He turned to me and agreed and pretended to go looking for another gift.  He called Julia over and said that she had Riley's iPod now and that she had a new case for it.  Riley looked totally confused.  Jeremy asked her "So Julia now has your iPod.  What are you going to have?"  She shrugged and said "I guess I'll play on yours?"  She started to walk away and we couldn't tell if she was upset or not.  So I asked her to come back and see Daddy.

He handed her a brand new iPod with a new case.  It has a microphone (which she is excited about), a camera and can play games that wouldn't work on her old iPod.  It took some time for it to click with her that it was at iPod just for her.  And then she got really excited.

We played with the toys and things the rest of the day.  Girls had a blast.  Poppi, Grammy, Monica and Madi came over for a very short visit.  We gave Madi her gifts and they gave us some gifts too.  Was really nice to see them all.

There was a special weather surprise and we ended up with a White Christmas!!!  It started raining, sleeting and then snowing.  It was truly beautiful!  The girls liked watching it.  Once Julia went down for her nap, I took Riley outside and we played in the snow.  We were able to wear our rain boots which worked much better than baggies over shoes!  Riley loved throwing snowballs at me and making snow angels.  She had a huge smile on her face and rosy red cheeks!  Riley was excited to eat snow too.  :)

I took Julia outside later and she wasn't quite sure about the whole thing.  At first I started to bundle her up, but she started crying so I took it all off.  Then she asked to go outside so I got her ready again.  We walked out and all of a sudden she stopped where she was and froze.  I asked what she thought.  Julia said "I like it.  It very cold.  I want to go inside."  So we turned right around and went back inside.  Cold weather is not her thing - very much like her Grandma!

We ate dinner and then played more together as a family.  Was incredibly special.  Loved every moment.


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