Sickness Stinks

Julia has had quite the week.  First the spots all over her body.  And they are still all over her body.  They come and go and then come more and more and then go.  Weirdest stuff ever.  Thinking the dr. was correct and that I was very wrong.  Could be caused from an allergy, but the spots are not behaving like hives which means they are not hives.  So that's partly a good thing.

She is not contagious and seemed to be fine - was happy go lucky as we got ready for church.  So we went to church and drove home.  Got all the way to the driveway and heard Julia cough.  I looked back and watched her get sick all over herself and her car seat.  Thankfully Jeremy parked fast in the driveway and I ran around while he ran out.  We got her outside the car and she got sick all over the driveway.

Riley ran out of the car as fast as possible yelling "Get me out of here!  It smells so bad!  Ugh.... please let me out!"  She ran into the house and was all fine.

I took Julia inside while Jeremy took care of the car seat.  I got her in the shower while he took off the car seat cover and we met at the washing machine to get the load started.  Poor girl.

So the rest of the day was spent with her on the couch.  She threw up several times and is running a fever.  Just got sick again a minute ago and seems to be getting close to the end. Her fever is up again so we'll give her more tylenol/advil in a little while.

Julia hates to throw up.  If we even put the bowl near her, she makes a mad face and says "I don't want the bowl!  I not get sick!!"  She covers her mouth with her hands, willing it to stay in her belly.

One time Riley heard her cough and ran to pick up the bowl and Julia got mad "I don't want it Riley!  No bowl!!"

Riley also used her iPod to turn on Julia's favorite song (Baby Mine from Dumbo).  She put it on repeat so that it would play constantly and then said "I just... I just feel so bad.  I want to help her and I love my little sister."  Was so adorable.

All afternoon Riley tried to keep her distance and at the same time was very aware of Julia and tried to help whenever she could.  Super sweet girl.

I'll be spending the night with Jules in her room again tonight so I can watch her and make sure she is ok.


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