Buddy The Elf... What's your favorite color?

I have to say that this was the best Christmas ever.  It was truly spectacular, heart warming and special in so many ways.

The girls were so excited about their Elf, Buddy (Elf on the Shelf).  Since the Sunday after Thanksgiving, he has been hiding and surprising the girls in various places around the house.  He started out in the downstairs bathroom and wrote a message on the mirror with toothpaste that said "Hi Madi, Riley and Julia!"  The girls loved it when he was found riding a horse on top of the armoire, hanging upside down from the fixture in the dining room and on top of anything and everything around the house.

At one point, he was found wrapped in a toilet roll with toilet paper everywhere in our bathroom.  I went to give Riley a shower and Julia pulled some toilet paper which caused Buddy to fall to the ground.  She started playing with him and Riley was freaking out and laughing so very hard.  There is a rule that the elves are not to be touched or else their magic goes away.  The two of us ended up laughing so hard.  Thankfully, Santa forgave her for touching him and all was fine.  Last year he fell off the fridge because he was too close to the edge so I had to ask if it was ok if I picked him up.  Again, Santa was very gracious.

Last night was Buddy's final night with us in 2012.  The girls said goodbye to him and thanked him for coming to visit.


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