Lego Tables

Jeremy and I love to create unique gifts and things that are different, but extremely awesome.  Jeremy found these Lego Friends Sets online and ordered a few for Riley. I found two or three little sets that were really cheap at Walmart to supplement the big ones.  However, we only have a smaller table for legos and it is built for duplo legos with bigger attachments.  The girls will probably always think of legos and remember that we used them whenever they had croupy coughs in the shower.  We have spent many hours in the bathroom sitting and building things while the steam helped them breathe.  I digress...

Pinterest is so amazing and I happened upon a friend's post where she had tagged a website to building your own lego tables.  You purchase a Lack Table from Ikea ($7.99), baseboards from the Lego store ($4.99 for a 10" by 10" - so each table uses four of them) and some clear nail glue.  I showed them to Jeremy and told him that it would be such an awesome thing for the girls to be able to build sets and for Julia to have lots of lego time on the tables rather than having legos on the floor and all over the place.

I went to Ikea and bought for cream/off-white tables. Then we were looking online at Amazon for baseboards, but they sell them for $10.56 a piece.  So I called the Lego store at Stonebriar to find that they are only $4.99 each there.  Jeremy drove up to the store and bought enough for four tables.

He set up the tables one night and put together the baseboards the next night.  Lined each one up with a corner edge about inch out from the corner.  Made sure that every little "lego" word was facing the right way.

The girls have already played on them quite a bit today and they are going to be amazing to play on!!


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