The last time for many years to have a month/date/year be exactly the same.  Was a pretty normal day for the most part here at the Grant house.

Our girls have been incredibly healthy this year which has been a total blessing.  What a different story from last school year when they were sick more than they were healthy.  I took off my first day of work today after Julia had run a temp of over 100 the last three nights.  We gave her tylenol/advil the last two days and sent her to daycare as I had my choir concert/rehearsals/school assembly and needed to be at work.

However, today was the right day to take off.  She was up almost all night.  Very fidgety.  I know this because I was with her all night and hardly slept myself.  She had a fever again and a hacking cough.  So I snuggled with her and watched more hours tv than I have seen of Jer and my tv shows in the entire month of November and October.  Seriously.  Jeremy and I have yet to watch one of our shows in over two months.  The girls watch Boz, Dora, Barney (ugh) - about a show a day.  Sometimes less, sometimes more.  One of these days life will slow down again and we'll have time to actually watch a 22 minute television show that does not involve cartoons, repetition, or purple dinosaurs.

Julia took over two hours to get to nap.  She was coughing so badly and fighting sleep.  Once asleep, she was restless and had a hard time.  She woke up and immediately said "I need to go nap on the couch."  So we laid back down on the couch and watched more tv.  Was a very chill day.  Hoping she can get some good sleep tonight.  If not, I'll be home again with her tomorrow.  Which I won't complain about because time with our baby is so special.


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