What we think about as we are about to go to sleep

Riley:  Mom, I'm scared.

This is after we have laughed and laughed and read stories together.  And talked about how to skip backwards and then tried it together.  Then talked about how much we love each other.  And how the school day went and what certain kids did that was funny.  And what others did that they shouldn't have like how two kids raced to see how fast they could read the books and almost ripped the pages in all of them.  Then Riley demonstrated how she turns the pages very slowly.  And how she showed "self-determination" (her word of the past few weeks that she likes to talk about doing) in gym today.  Love that her teacher does such a fabulous job of explaining large words in ways the kids can understand and that Riley is applying that to many areas.  I digress.

Me: Why are you scared?

Riley:  I'm thinking about how when I am old and I die, that I'll go to heaven.  And I'll be new.  And I don't know what that will be like.

Me:  Well, I know that you'll be with Jesus.  And you'll be happy to be with him.  That you'll be there forever.  And that Daddy and I will be with you too.

Riley:  Why will you be there?  That would be good.

Me: Anyone who believes in Jesus and asks him to come into their heart, goes to heaven when they die.  And they live with him forever there.

Riley: Oh ok.  But I'm still scared.

Me:  What part of it scares you?

Riley:  I just.  I don't know.  I'll be a different person and that will.  I just don't know what that will be like.

Me:  Well, just know that it will be good.  And that you will be with other people who love Jesus too.  And Jesus will be there.  So it will be fabulous.

A while passes...

Riley:  I know a present we could give Jesus that would be magic.

Me:  What would that be?

Riley (whispering into my ear): Our love.

Me:  oooh.  That is a good present.

Riley:  Because it is something that he can't see.  And we can't see.  But it would be really great.  And very special.


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