Leopard Prints

I'm a pretty basic person.  I don't mind my clothes being mostly solids and simple prints that can mix and match with just about anything.  Especially cardigans and patterned scarves.

Every month I get a free pair of panties from Victoria's secret and a few months ago I chose to get a leopard print pair.  Totally stepping out of my comfort zone with that purchase.  Just your basic everyday panty - nothing flashy or skimpy or even old lady baggy - but it was leopard print so I thought I'd get it.

Chose to wear them today.  Not that you care, but it is part of the story.  I chose a dark navy dress with tie-dye fabric with a jacket.  Figured it was dark enough and didn't even bother to do a test run in the mirror to double check.  Mistake Number One.

Didn't figure I'd be bending over helping students create intervals on large butcher paper.  Mistake Number Two.

Didn't expect to be outdoors calling out car numbers in our car line for 15 minutes.  Bright sun - somewhat sheer dress - leopard print panties.  Mistake Number Three.

Wasn't planning to give Riley her shower tonight and bending over to hear Jeremy say "Did you wear leopard print panties today?"  Mistake Number Four.

I replied "Yeah - why?  How do you know?  Can you see them?"  (duh - how else would he know as he doesn't usually remember what I put on in the morning)

Jeremy answered with a nervous/half-laughing smile on his face because he could see them and that told me everything.  Oh the look of terror on my face as I played back all the times I had to bend over to help students today.  Oh.  My.  Word.

I then did the mirror test and pulled the fabric tighter to my bottom and about died.  So for all of you car line parents, teachers, students, co-workers and anyone else I may have come into contact with, I'm so so very sorry you had to see that.  I will stick to my usual solids from now on unless wearing jeans or something I am SURE is too dark to see through.


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