Making It Happen

I am beyond thrilled to say that after crying a little yesterday, thinking about SMU non-stop yesterday and talking with Jeremy about how this is something that I want to do and that will be a pivotal moment for my education and opportunities later, we have chosen to make it work.  Didn't take much conversation as he was aware of my desire.  He was incredibly supportive and said that he'd be here to help support my dreams.  Am I blessed or what?!  SMU - here I come!

I'm determined to save to make the graduate degree work for our family without the burden of financing it by going into more debt.  There are so many reasons to do the degree and only one to not.  While the one reason to not do the degree at the moment is that it is an extra $1500 per semester, we have finances coming that will make it work.  Between Jeremy's upcoming raise, commissions adding on and the opportunity to save until August, it will work.  Now for self-control on my part when it comes to frivolous spending.  I did amazing in February, awful in March and April so far is turning out fantastic.  (Only 18 days to go... positive thinking!)

We had a garage sale at my parents' house this morning.  Made $73 off of our old stuff.  So thankful to not have to bring it home!  Put $55 toward the savings fund which is now close to $820 after this weekend.  (Over halfway towards the first semester of SMU!)


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