Party Preparations

Happy Easter Weekend!  We spent this weekend doing some rather different kinds of things from the normal everyday.  Riley's birthday party is coming up in three weeks.  My parents are out of town for the week before the party so we needed to get to work on cutting, drilling, hammering and building.

Jeremy has a large project at work that he is trying to get done.  He took Julia with him down to his work while Riley stayed with me as I taught piano lessons.  Julia has had a fever the last four days.  Comes and goes and is rather inconsistent.  Wasn't sure she'd be up for all the building and dust at Grandpa's house.  Riley didn't have gymnastics today so she came with me to build.

Her party is slowly but surely coming together.  I finished sewing doll dresses for each girl's doll and crochet hats to match.  Riley also sewed a dress and Julia helped push the pedal down as I sewed some of the time.  The foam mattresses are cut, pillows created, comforters sewn (all except 5), and mattress fabric cut out.  There's been a ton of creativity going on at home!  And what for?  Lots of American Girl Doll Beds!

The party is a 'make-and-take' where girls get to help finish with supplies for their dolls.  Each girl will get a doll dress, doll hat, wooden bed with comforter, mattress and pillow.  They'll help with stuffing the pillows, adding ribbon on the dresses and have other crafts to do at the party.  Riley wants an ice cream bar - no cake.  We'll do pizza for dinner, movie time in our pjs and some fun games.  She has invited ten friends (no boys - as they aren't that into dolls).  The girls are all polite, kind and get along which is a complete bonus!

The girls and I had gone to Lowe's to pick up all of our supplies on Friday.  We needed 17 1x2 boards, 3 1x3 boards and 4 large pieces of 1/4 inch plywood.  The girls loved sitting on the large blue flatbed as there were piles of wood on both sides of them.

We brought the boards to my parents house yesterday so that everything was ready. Riley loved carrying one of the 8' boards through the store when we had to trade a piece due to large staples.

Today was building day number one!


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