Beds Finished

All twelve beds are ready and prepared for Riley's birthday party.  Not surprised that we pulled it off and yet I'm completely amazed that we actually did it.  Today was so much easier.  Much less stress with the nails and hammer;  lots more piecing things together.

Riley saw a picture of a canopy bed that she liked.  My dad came up with a way to create a canopy for her bed.  It looks amazing.  Julia's excited that her beds will stack to create bunk beds.  I'm loving the website and all of her ideas.  Thinking that maybe it will be possible to build a dining table one day after all!!

One of the best things about this weekend was having so much time with my dad.  We didn't talk about anything really, but just enjoyed each other's company while we worked to build.  He was a trooper to put up with my less-than-amazing skills.  I love that he taught me the parts of the drill as well as reminded me many times for where to hold while he drilled (despite my finger being so close and my fear of having it cut... actually I knew it was safe - just so close!)

When all was said and done, there were twelve beds laying side by side in the garage.  I asked Jeremy what he thought.  He said that it was a great little orphanage.  Yup.  And so true.  He also mentioned that it looked like we went to Ikea because they are all just wood colored - no paint or stain.  Unfinished.

We then started talking and laughing about it all.  He joked that the girls would have fun playing orphanage with their American Girl Dolls... oh the irony.

I'm listening to both of our girls laughing and giggling and playing together.  So contagious is their joy.


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