Roller Skating

Riley was invited to her friend's birthday party and it happened to be at Interskate in Lewisville.  I loved to rollerskate as a kid. I was pretty good at it - could go backwards, forwards, turn my feet into second position and move sideways in a smooth circle.  I even figured out how to do the fancy turns/spins like they do in ice skating.  I would turn on Barry Manilow (seriously) and Madonna and roller skate in our basement for hours at a time.  Some days I'd even dress up in pink dance tights, a leotard and skirt so I could pretend I was Katarina Witt.  (I loved her name and secretly wanted to be Russian.)  My parents probably thought it was ridiculous, but they never let on.

Now that I'm 36, the idea of roller skating is more precarious.  I wasn't sure that I was ready to roller skate again after not having done it in a while.  The last time I went was with Beverly, Madi and Riley in Killeen a few years ago.  Riley was newly five (or four?) and lacked balance on wheels.  Madi was getting the hang of it and did great by the end.  It was quite the workout.

Since Riley really wanted to go, I decided I'd take her and try it out myself.  As we left, I told Jeremy "Pray for our wrists and that we don't break anything."  Riley did really great.  She used the pvc pipe concoctions that create a v-shape so that they can learn how to skate.  Though she spent several times falling due to her skates kicking into it and then needed help getting it up and then getting herself up.  If I encouraged her with "You're doing great!", she would fall and glare at me while saying "Don't talk!  I can't concentrate!"

After the party, there were no broken bones and Riley simply said "Mom, thanks for going skating with me.  This was the best night!"


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