April Spending

The fact that I'm not posting this until April 23 probably says a lot about how this month has gone financially.  Have done such a great job!

April spending so far:

April 5 -
$18 - gift for Riley's friend (birthday party)

April 13 -
$22 - gift for Julia's friend (birthday party)

April 19 - 
$53 - Lowe's:  purchased all of the wood, nails, screws and plywood to make 12 American Girl Doll Beds for Riley's birthday party next month

April 23 -
$20 - Fee for the School Lock-In Party on Friday for Riley

April 26 -
$30 - new outfit for Julia for pictures from Naartjie
$27 - new outfit for Riley for pictures from Macy's

April 27 -
$6.50 - can of Rustoleum to spray the AG Doll box for the party and white duct tape

April 30 -
$6.54 - two more cans of Rustoleum for spraying AG doll bed and easel

Total for the month:  $183.04


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