TAAF Gymnastics State Meet 2013

Riley had her last meet yesterday at Pioneer Hall at the TWU Campus.  It was a great venue and she looked amazing.  Took me six meets to get her hair perfect but I finally got it.  She wasn't quite acting herself this morning and we figured it was because she was tired.  She'd had the lock-in at Ethridge on Friday night and got to bed late at 10:30.  Then 3 hours of gymnastics on Saturday followed by Ikea and the mall and then setting up the new nightstand next to her bed and reorganizing her room.  She said she just wanted to sleep and asked for a pillow to take in the car, but didn't complain.

At the meet, she had amazing poise and presence.  Vault was first and she did amazing!!  One of her best vaults ever.  She scored well on bars despite having to come off them - which she never does - in the middle of the routine.  On beam, she looked flawless.  Her feet were so pointed and body so tall.  She stepped off the beam but other than that, it was a beautiful routine.  (Three out of the four girls stepped off the beam at the meet and none of them had done that the entire season.  Not quite sure why but it was what it was.)  The last routine was floor and Riley had a practically perfect floor routine.  Most of the other events were done and so the girls were the last floor group to go.

Riley walked on with straight arms and legs - tons of stage presence.  It was amazing.  Her scores were:

bars - 8.0
beam - 8.7
vault - 9.1
floor - 9.0

When we got home, Grandma came and surprised Riley with a bouquet of the most brightly colored flowers in yellow, orange and blue as well as a $10 gift card to spend wherever she wanted.  Grandpa came to the meet but Grandma had a violin lesson so she met up with us after.

We all went out to Texas Roadhouse as Riley loves that restaurant.  However, she spent practically the entire meal with her head on Grandma's lap and despite eating three rolls, ate nothing else.  She wasn't acting herself all night and seemed to not feel well.

This morning she came and woke me up early to tell me she was hot and didn't feel well.  101 fever.  She then told me that she wasn't feeling good after balance beam at the meet and that she knew she couldn't quit.  She said she just kept telling herself that she only had one more event and then she was done and could rest.  What a trooper!


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