I received the best news and news that needs to be thought about all at the same time tonight.  Jeremy handed me an envelope from SMU Graduate Admissions.  I have been so nervous about it and just wanting to know either way whether I have been accepted.  Finally the envelope was in my hand.  I took a deep breath and opened it.

The first sentence confirmed my hopes:  "Upon the recommendation of the faculty of the Division of Music, it is my pleasure to inform you of favorable action on your application and to offer you admission to the Meadows School of the Arts to study toward the degree of Master of Music in Music Education beginning with the Fall term 2014."

Amazing and happy, happy news.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have been chosen to be one of only twelve educators chosen to be a part of SMU.

The news to think about comes in the fact that due to finances and our desire to pay off our current debt (our credit line debt of $6000 at the moment - down from $17,000 just over a year ago), I am prayerfully considering not accepting their offer and working towards becoming fully debt-free again instead.  Between piano students, watching spending and being wise stewards, we are determined to knock it out.  We're so close!  And the degree would only make it take so much longer as we would accrue more debt despite the tuition being affordable... if that makes sense.

Years ago when we were first married, we were debt free and remained that way until about 3 years ago when everything broke down in the house (all major things).  While we were debt free and newly married, we had only $800 in the bank and my college reunion was coming up.  A bunch of my friends were going to Lee to sing and visit.  I wanted to go so very very badly.  It would have sucked our savings dry between air flights, meals and time off of work.  There didn't seem to be much of a choice.  After prayer and tears, we decided that it would be best for me to not go to the reunion and to stay.  It was a very pivotal moment for us.  Jeremy was able to get his CFP, God blessed us financially, and we soon were pregnant with Riley.

This isn't to say that I'm expecting that things will be perfect or that life will be easier by declining the offer at SMU.  I've already gotten teary tonight just thinking about how sad I am at the thought of possibly declining the offer as this as it's been something I want so very badly.  However, God knows my heart.  He knows my desires.  He knows what I need and potentially the timing just isn't right at the moment.  Prayers appreciated.


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