Beatrix Potter Assignment

Riley really enjoys the Beatrix Potter books.  One of her most recent assignments has been to write three letters - each one to a character in the book.  She did them at school and we weren't aware of what she had written.

Her first letter was addressed to Peter Rabbit and is as follows:

Dear Peter Rabbit,
Don't get into mishchif other wise you mite get cate (caught) in Mr. McGregor's pie's.  Lisen to you'r mom.  Don't get cate or, eaten, or gon.

By Riley

P.S. We love your Storeys.

Her second letter was addressed to Samuel Whiskers and is as follows:

Dear Samuel Whiskers,
Don't stel plese ake first, then take, last eat and take home.  am i cler or do you need SMACCAN!

By Riley

(Don't steal please ask first, then take, last eat and take home.  Am I clear or do you need smackin!")

**Please note:  we have never said those words.  We asked her why she wrote it that way and she said that he is a naughty bunny and that she thought it'd be funny to say that to him.  We just laughed.

Her third letter was addressed to Timmy Tiptoes and is as follows:

Dear Timmy Tiptoes,

Don't even thingk about getting even FATER then you were!  and Don't even thingk about geting even squermeer (squirmier) Then you are!  and never go in a tree!  and help goody do the work.

Oh. My.


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