Wild Night

Riley's fever still won't break.  Started the night of her meet on Sunday and has continued the past two days.  Have loved being home with her to take care of her and comfort her.  Though I am not loving my docked pay each day at work that I am off.

Today Riley slept in until 10:40am and I didn't want to wake her as she had a rough night last night.  Around 2am, Riley came loudly into our bedroom yelling "MOM!!!  MOM!!! I'M ALL BETTER.  I AM NOT SICK ANYMORE!  MOM!!!!!"

I was in a total fog as I had fallen asleep in Julia's room, awoken by Jeremy so I could take my meds which also make me quite sleepy and had only slept a few hours since.  I remember her asking if I was awake and my response was a groggy "No."  And not because I wanted to be rude, but because I was not quite with it.  Definitely didn't feel awake.

She kept talking so incredibly loud - just shouting.

Jeremy felt her head and said "Oh baby.  You've got a fever."  He left and got the medicine while she was loudly proclaiming that she was healthy and no longer sick.  Her next sentence explained how cold she was (chills).

Gave her meds and she was wide awake so she watched a Barbie movie until who knows when (I fell asleep).  At some point, Julia also crawled into bed and wanted to snuggle.  Which meant I was forced to sleep on about seven inches of mattress.

Since she slept in so late, I wasn't able to get Julia to school so she ended up staying home too.  She was thrilled about this.  I did call her school to find out when her dance class was as she takes dance during the day.  I asked if I could bring Riley up to watch and they said yes (um - okay, I wasn't really expecting that) so we did get out of the house long enough to go watch her at dance class.  Riley put her head in my lap the entire class so we probably should have stayed home.  Though it was awesome to get to see Julia in action.  She listened well and did a great job on the steps.  She loves her tap shoes and making lots of sound!

Tomorrow will be another 'at-home' day with Riley.  Hoping she can kick this thing tomorrow so we can return back to school on Thursday!  Especially with her birthday on Field Day on Friday!


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