Birds and the Bees

After watching "Olivia," Riley turned to us and said "Where do babies come out of?"

Totally out of the blue.  Olivia didn't discuss the topic at all.

We asked her what she meant.  So she clarified:  "Where do they come out of?"

My answer was that they come out of the mom.  Figured that would be adequate enough of an answer, but apparently she wanted more information.

Riley:  No that's not what I mean.  I mean like what part of your body do they come out of?

Me:  Well, what have your friends said?

Riley:  They say that babies come out of your B-U-T-T.

Me:  It doesn't come out of your butt - that's where poop comes out of.

Jeremy:  But it does come out of that area down there.

Riley:  How?  How does that work?

Me:  You have muscles down there that stretch open to let the baby out and then the muscles come back together afterwards.

Riley:  Oh - I see.  So the muscles open up enough to let the baby come out and then after the baby comes out, it goes right back.... does it hurt?

Me:  Well, yeah.

Jeremy:  But God has given us amazing doctors and medicines that help so that it doesn't hurt as much.  Some people take the medicines and other people don't.  Mommy had some of the medicines.

Riley:  Did it make it not hurt?

Me:  Yes.  It helped a lot.

Riley:  So why does Darth Vader become Darth Vader?  Like how does his Mother - I mean his Dad - become Darth Vader?

And off we went on the topic of Star Wars.


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