Author: Veronica Roth
Pages:  544
Where to buy:  Allegiant @ Amazon (won't let me link at the moment...)

Don't waste your time!  There are so many better books to be read.  It was almost as though a different author wrote the third book compared to Insurgent and Divergent.  The book let me finish the series and for that I'm glad I read it.  But otherwise, I wouldn't waste my time reading it again.

I had heard the ending was controversial and people were mixed on what they thought about it.  Honestly I was glad it ended the way it did because at that point, I was tired of the whiny characters and there moaning and groaning.  It didn't matter to me if any of them went as I was tired of hearing about their plans without anything happening.  It was like the movie "Dying Young."  I remember watching it with my mom and we were both saying "Please die already!"  Yet we felt the need to see it through to the end.  (Sorry if that's morbid and rude.  I just couldn't take any more.)

Read at your own desire and if you enjoy it, good for you.  As for me and my house, we will read something else.


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