Resurrection Rolls

Happy Easter!!  Celebrating Jesus death and resurrection today in a new way.  My friend Karen told me about Resurrection Rolls that she makes with her kids.  She sent me the recipe and so I chose to make them this morning with the girls.

Resurrection Rolls Recipe

Each part of the roll helps kids learn about Jesus resurrection.

Marshmallow - represents Jesus.  My husband laughed about this as I told the kids "This is Jesus.  Well, not really.  He wasn't a marshmallow, but pretend this is him."

Butter and Cinnamon- represents preparation of Jesus' body for burial with spices.

Crescent Roll - They wrapped his body inside of the tomb where He stayed buried for three days.

I seriously tried very hard to make this a wonderful and applicable lesson for this Easter day.  I pinched them tight to make sure they were sealed.  I also cut the marshmallows in half to be sure that they'd stay inside.  Then we cooked them.

Julia was awake at 6:30am so we cooked her four rolls first and left the other four for Riley to make once she woke up at a much more reasonable time of 8:45am.   :)

Julia wanted to watch her rolls bake.  As she watched the oven, they began to grow and the rolls turned light brown.  Next thing you know, Jesus (the marshmallow) is oozing out of the rolls.  All over the pan.

Julia:  He's getting out!!!!  Oh no!!!  He is coming out!!!  Dis is not good!

This prompted a discussion that Jesus didn't really come out of the tomb that way.  The angel rolled away the tombstone to reveal that only Jesus' clothes remained.

Julia:  Dat's like in my Bible!!

Awesome - she got it :)  Apparently the second roll she ate didn't have enough cinnamon in it as it had all oozed out.  Julia really wanted the spices in it.

I planned to make sure to seal the rolls much better this time.  Pinched them well.  Riley wanted to do the steps herself.

Me:  Take Jesus and dip him in the spices to prepare Him for burial, Riley.  When we put Him in the tomb, we want to make sure He's all secure and we'll pinch the roll tight.

Riley:  Mom, can I do it myself?  So we're wrapping up Jesus.  We have four Jesus-es.  Can I eat four Jesus-es?  Can I wrap Him up myself?  I can do it, Mom.  There He goes.

They began to cook and were looking great until there was about two minutes to go.  Jesus decided to break through the tomb and come out the tops of them this time.

Riley was watching with awe and exclaimed "He's coming through the cracks in the tomb!  Good golly - He's coming out!!!  It's a little puff ball.  He melted!!"

Again, I explained that Jesus actually rose from the dead - He didn't melt in real life or come out for people to see until He had actually risen.  We talked about Jesus walking on the road and meeting Mary and talking with her.  Riley remembered the story.  Then ate her rolls and enjoyed the cinnamon inside.

Maybe another attempt next year!


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