Love our girls

Tonight was a lot of fun!  We had my parents over and they brought some leftovers from Buca.  The girls set up two shops.  Riley sold pet animals and Madi sold whatever else there was in the playroom.  Julia did her own thing.

The girls played, we had dinner and dessert and then went upstairs for a little more playtime before bed.  Riley sat on her little car and sang us several songs.  It was so precious.  Then all of us sang "Row, Row, Row your Boat" in three part harmony.  Was cute to see Julia singing it too!!  I'd have to say that was my favorite part of the night.

Jeremy put Jules down - or actually is still putting her down.  I put Riley down and Madi is still reading I think.

Jules MC (molloscum contagiosum) has shown two new bumps so we're trying the ACV (apple cider vinegar) remedy.  Praying this works!!  They just don't seem to leave and it is possible we'll see more as we fight against it as it can lay dormant under the skin for a few weeks before showing more bumps.  The ACV stinks!!!  But it is working!  I actually contracted it from Jules - picked her up after a shower and her leg/belly touched my belly so I got it.  Thankfully it's only three bumps at the moment and I'm hoping to be consistent in getting rid of these suckers.  We'll start the ACV bath tomorrow for Jules.  She has been amazing with it!  She lets me put on the ACV, bandaids and leaves them alone.  We have to clean her sheets tomorrow as well and do our best to keep her fully covered so that they do not spread.  Thankfully she is not bothered by them and does not pick at them or seem bothered by them at all.  It's been awesome having great websites and hearing so many success stories with the ACV.  Such a better alternative than the expensive creams, cutterage or laser surgery.

Riley is such a big girl and doing an awesome job reading.  Today Jeremy turned on the tv to work with a new drive that is hooked up to it and she goes "Hey!  That says Cable Box."  Sure enough it did!  She's very confident and doing great!!

Madi started working on her two projects for school this weekend.  She chose to learn about Leonardo Da Vinci for the science project.  She read on a website that he was involved in sodomy.  Jeremy had the job of explaining that one.  Though Da Vinci is truly amazing in all that he has invented.  Honestly never thought of him as more than a painter!  I think she'll have a lot of fun with the project.  The other one she has to make a poster board into a movie poster.  She's reading one of the Maximum ride books and has to cast her characters with real life people and then create the movie poster.  Should be another fun one too!

Looking forward to having Labor Day off tomorrow to spend with Jeremy and the girls!!


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