The Art of Self Defense

We have no doubt that Julia will stand up for herself.  We've seen it time and again.  And it happened to show itself again today.  Just hoping she learns a new way of defending herself!

On the playground this morning, Julia was riding on one of the horses.  They rock forward and back and she loves them.  A little boy decided he wanted to ride it so he pushed her.  She attacked back and bit him hard on the left arm.  Then sat in time out for two minutes.

When Jeremy told me about it while he was driving in the car, Julia overheard him and grinned.  Glad to know she won't let kids push her around.  And at the same time, wish she would stop biting!!

Tonight Julia showed her truly sweet side.  After asking Riley to head out of Julia's room so that I could put her to bed, Julia cried out "I want my big sister!  I want my big sister Riley!"  Riley came over and said "Oh Jules!  You are so sweet!  I love my little sister!"  Then they hugged.  Julia said "I love my big sister!"  It was precious.  Love these moments!!


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