Fabulous Saturday

My parents had Julia all day for her special day with them.  They took her to a friend's house where she got to play with some girls and loved it!  She even took a three hour nap for them!  We took a day off of treating her bumps to put some cream on the skin and let it heal.  Then we'll start it up again in a few days.  Poor thing has so many red spots from the ACV and the bandages.

Madi and Jeremy worked on her da Vinci project pretty much all day long.  She has done an outstanding job on it!  It looks amazing!!  She wrote a short paragraph that really didn't say anything and said a lot of general statements like "da Vinci made a lot of inventions!  Wow, that was amazing!" so I had her rewrite it and went on the computer while she was on the other one and we looked up what he did and how it helped society.  Then talked about how she could expand on what he did rather than just saying "He invented the helicopter."  The paragraph has to explain what he invented and how it made a difference and changed how we do things.  When she rewrote it, it was amazing!!!  It's now an outstanding piece of work rather than something thrown together just to get it done.

She'll finish taping and gluing the information on her board tomorrow and then hopefully have plenty of game time in the afternoon after church!!

Riley and I played in the playroom for a while.  I had five loads of laundry to put away so as she was playing something by herself, I started sorting and getting that done.  She came in to see what I was doing and I walked to her room and told her I was putting clothes away.  Little did I know she went back into our room, picked up a huge load of Julia's clothes and took them to Julia's room!  I saw her carry them but thought she'd just set them on her bed.  Instead Riley put all of Julia's laundry away by herself!

Then she came back into our room and I put away some items while she put away all of Jeremy's clothes!  I told her thank you and she said "Well, Mom - I am your little helper!" (which is what I always call her)  After we did the laundry, we went and played more in the playroom.

Jeremy and Madi ran out of tape for the project which made me think of Walmart.  So Riley said she'd go with me.  We got dressed, got our list together and headed out!  She was so excited about going to the store!

Riley rode in the cart and drew in her coloring book while holding her bear.  We got several items before going near the kids things on our way to get groceries.  She asked if we could go down the Barbie aisle and as it was just her and not all three of them, I said sure.

We looked at the barbies and talked about the different toys we saw.  Then we saw that they had new dolls out - 18" dolls like the American Girl Dolls - and clothes, props, shoes, hats, etc.  There were ice skates and rollerblades for only $1!!  And cowgirl hats for $2.  They had rodeo sets, large horses for $28 and other items.  Riley has been wanting the cast and crutches set for months from the American Girl Doll Store, but it is $30.  Walmart had a cast, crutches, and wheelchair set for $19.99.  There was only one left.  So I got it for her.

I also got her a hat and ice skates and Madi some rollerblades and a hat.  The rollerblades even have wheels that actually roll!  And they all fit their dolls perfectly.  Then got Julia a $1 oversized Dora coloring book.  She will have fun with that!

Riley kept saying "Wow Mom.  You totally made my day!"

As we went through the store, we saw a man who had difficulty walking and was looking at the cereal boxes.  Riley said "Bye!"  and waved to him sweetly.  He said "Excuse me, ma'am. Your little girl said hi to me.  Noone ever says hi to me.  She's a sweet girl."  It was very sweet of him.  We chatted for a short moment and turns out he is a policeman.  Or retired policeman.

We got our items and went home.  Riley played with her new items all day long.  Kept saying "I need Mommy Strength!" whenever she needed help getting the cast off as you have to push in on one side and pull over on the other to get it off and on.  The good news is that it fits great.  The doll worked great in the wheelchair and it was fun to see her enjoying it.  Madi loves the rollerblades and played with her doll when she was finished with her project.

My parents brought Julia over and stayed for dinner.  The girls then took turns jumping off the slide onto the wedges and doing gymnastics tricks.  At one point, Julia wanted to jump off the part you climb up to the slide.  Riley kept standing in her way.  I asked her why she wouldn't let her jump off that way (she jumps from two lower bumps on the back instead of the top as it's too high for her).  Riley told me she didn't want her to jump off it because she was going to get hurt and she didn't want her to do it.  I told her that if Julia got hurt jumping off of that side, that she'd learn not to do it.  So Riley was frustrated and as she walked away said "Fine.  Learn Julia!!"  It was hilarious the way she said it.  And of course, Julia was totally fine.

Tomorrow we'll go to church and then my parents' house to pick up the armoire for in the kitchen.  Should be a fun day!


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