The Best Friend

Julia is about to go down for her nap.  I put her down yesterday and had last night.  Jer and I always swap days on weekends so that each of us has one nap to chill.  We were upstairs talking in the hallway.

Julia:  I want a Mommy Night!

Jer:  I get to have you, Jules!

Julia:  I want a Mommy Night!

Me:  Jules, Daddy loves you too and he can't wait to spend time with you!

Jer:  Riley said she'd be happy to read the book with me again tonight so you can have a Mommy night again tonight!  I'll have you for nappy-nap.

Julia:  Mommy the best friend.

We both looked at each other and just awwed.  It was precious.  So I am her best friend.  Hoping she still thinks that when she is older too!!


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