One of my coworkers told me that they can't wait to sleep in on Saturday morning.  I simply nodded and said that I hoped her weekend was great.  I knew my weekend would be great and I was very hopeful to be able to sleep in - at least until 7am.  For some reason, our girls need to be woken up most days through the week, but without fail, they are up by 6am on weekends.  Today was no exception.

5:45am - Julia wakes up and goes into Riley's room to wake her up.
5:46am - Riley takes Jules to the bathroom and turns the light on for her (in her words, "because I love her, Mom!"
5:50am - The two girls come into our room and climb up into bed.  Riley is laying very still and quiet.  Julia is bouncing all over the bed while making silly sounds and giggling non-stop.

Was precious time with the girls.  We then went downstairs and got breakfast.  We tested out Julia's arm with peanut butter and she had no reaction at all.  Would be amazing and such a blessing to have two girls without allergies to nuts.  Jeremy brought home some unbelievable cinnamon rolls with walnuts.  Julia ate them and had no reaction!!  Other that pure joy for how delicious they tasted.  Plates totally cleaned off and the rolls were loved very much.

Madi woke up around 7am and had a good night of sleep.  She spent her morning playing with Riley and doing things with their american girl dolls.  Later in the day she began working on her math project, but was quite moody about it.  She didn't fully read the directions and so it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to.  She was sulking and pouting and crying.  Always incredibly difficult to deal with a tween who is so smart but unmotivated and lazy.  Essay is about an article she read and how it relates to math.  She kept writing things just to write them.  Her essay had several sentences that read "There are probably millions of inferences out there, but I bet only a few are actually probable.  This is a very interesting article bringing forth thoughts of wonder and amazement from the reader.  It's so amazing that I am still not sure I believe it.  I mean how crazy is that?"  Sentence structure is great, but it truly had nothing to do with anything and was filler.  She spent much time just trying to fill her page rather than actually summarizing the article.  She said that the article was the summary.  We explained that it was her job to summarize what was written - that the article was the article.  Her words were to be the summary.  Ugh.

Later in the day, we had friends who graciously let us use their truck to get the armoire from my parents' house so that we could bring it into the kitchen.  We are SO excited about it!  The girls will now have a place for their backpacks and we can keep our clutter off the higher counter in the kitchen.  We spent some time rearranging things and hanging up pictures/iron work on the walls.  The dinette now looks more cozy.  I love it!!

We took the truck back and then spent the night at home.  Jules wanted to watch lots of Dora and Curious George today.  Both girls were very, very tired today.  Both went to sleep before 8:30pm.  Awesome!


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