Computer Whiz

A mom at school saw me at lunch the other day and said "Your daughter is a whiz on the computer!"  Mrs. E told me that she didn't know what she would do if Riley wasn't there helping students log on to the computers.  She said that Riley is her computer helper and logs herself in so fast that she can then point to students who need help getting on.  Riley loves it!  She gets to help kids and loves that.

Riley told me that the other day she logged into the little computers and they are really slow.  And for some reason her computer was faster than all the others.  That "those other poor kids" in class were so sad because they didn't get to do anything on them, but that Riley was able to log in and play because her computer was so fast.  I didn't explain that it was because she was fast to log in.  Just said "so glad you were able to play and help the other kids log in too!"


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