Party at Our Place!

After school today, Riley and her friend Kyah were talking about recess.  Riley tells me that they went around to all the kids at recess and invited them to a party.  A Christmas Party.  And that there would be marshmallows!!!  Kyah said they would roast marshmallows outside.  Then Riley insisted that we had a fire inside our house (fireplace) and that we could just make the marshmallows inside our house instead.  And that the kids would all go play and watch movies.

I asked her where the party was going to be.  Kyah said it was at our house!  Riley said that she had an idea in her heart and that it went right up to her head as she was on the swings at recess.  She decided that it would be a great idea to invite the other kids to a Christmas party at our house!  And that she is sooo excited about it!

She told me that one boy said he couldn't go because he didn't know her.  And that another girl, who seemed not so nice at first, decided that she would definitely go immediately.  That she was super, super, super, super sweet!  And that she can't wait!

Last week Riley had tons of plans for having playdates and this week she is all about planning parties that are going to happen at our house.  Her eyes get so wide and open when she talks about the party.  Very excited about her idea!


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