Like a Boy

Julia has been playing with the toilet seat lids lately.  Keeps trying to flip up the seat that she is supposed to stand on.  So we have been putting it down and asking her to sit.  To which she replies "Ah right."

Tonight Jeremy and I were in the kitchen.  I noticed that Julia had pushed her step stool right up to the toilet.  Totally normal - how she always gets up to sit on it.  Then she pulled her panties down and pushed up the cover portion.  Then quickly pushed up the seat part.

I walked in the room right as she put her hands against the toilet and leaned forward.  She then peed just like a boy into the toilet.  Didn't miss at all.

Jeremy was asking "Is she trying to pee like a boy?"

And I replied that she was actually going already!  Have a feeling she has seen this at preschool... still surprised she was so successful at her attempt.

Silly JuJu.


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