This morning I did the usual routine:  makeup, hair, shower, etc...   As I went to do my makeup, I noticed that I had pink streaks near my hair line.  Looked as though someone had drawn on my face with pink marker, but I couldn't figure out who would have drawn on my face and why they would have done it at the top of my forehead.  So I used a little more powder to hide the marks.

I told one coworker that I got the strangest sunburn at my hairline on my forehead.  She was like "Oh!  I see it!"

Then later at school, a student said "Cool hair, Mrs. Grant! I love the pink highlights!"  I was totally confused and said "Pink hair?"  Other students said things like "Oh yeah!  I love it!  I see it too!"

Sure enough - I had several pink chunks of hair that were a bright pink.

I told Jeremy about it and just couldn't figure out how it had happened until tonight.  I went for a run and then gave myself and the girls their showers.  Julia got out and brushed her hair.  Then Riley used the other brush - the one I used this morning - on her hair.  I looked at her forehead and she had chunks of dark pink all over it.  I asked her where she got the pink marks on her forehead and then wiped them off.

Jeremy and I looked at it and then realized that something must have been rubbed onto the brush and then transferred to our hair.  We asked if Julia had put something on the brush and she replied "Yes!"  So it's either marker or lipstick.  We couldn't find the source of the color, but we have no doubt about who did it!  So Riley will be going to school tomorrow with very light pink hair streaks as we couldn't get it out.


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