Julia, Julia

Never a dull moment!  Two days ago she bit a boy.  Yesterday the teacher told her to go to the bathroom so she headed in there.  A little girl came in and wanted to go.  Julia told her "No!" and pushed her.  The girl pushed back and they pushed a few times until Julia's slick shoes slipped on the tile and she landed with her mouth hitting the toilet and busted it open on her top lip.  Thankfully, no stitches!  But a nice bruiser with plenty of puff in the middle.  Her teacher told us she stands up for herself really well and doesn't take anything from anybody.  Thinking that will come in handy if she can really learn how to use it correctly and stop pushing/biting!

Tonight I got a Julia night.  Before bed, Riley turned on a song and said "Mom!  You have to hear this!  It's your favorite singer!"  Sure enough - Michael Buble was crooning out her iPod.  And Christmas music at that!  Love it.  So Riley, Jules and I started dancing in Riley's room.  Was so fun.  I told Jeremy to join in, but he didn't look too enthused until Julia said sweetly "Come on Dad!"  So we swayed and danced around the room until the song ended.  Though Julia was bummed because she wanted more dancing!!

She gave Riley a big hug and said "Good night my big sister!!"

We read six books (short ones and a long Dora... Swiper no Swiping!), heard a motorcycle outside ("I no be scared of da moercycle.  I be safe in here and it be outside!"), then Julia decided her nightly bathroom break had come ("I need to go poo berry badly!" - very badly that is).  We got in the bathroom and she insisted on sitting like Riley does rather than sitting on her smaller seat top.

She goes "Mom - wisten to dis!  I goin faht!"  And then it began.  And kept going and going and going.  Never knew toddlers had so much gas!  The more she farted, the more she laughed and loud!!  She'd give me warnings "Here it come again!"  heee hee  hahahaha hAAAAhh!  Took a few minutes and she finally produced something.

She ran to her room like she always does and plopped on her lower bed.  Then screamed like crazy and started bawling her eyes out.  She wasn't hurt.  She said she was scared and it took me holding her and singing a few songs before she relaxed and calmed down.  Eyes started rolling back and she fighting off sleep.  We ended with Silent Night and I said goodnight and she went down easy.  Such a sweet, crazy, amazing girl.


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