Go away MC!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar has penetrated our house.  And while it has amazing healing agents in it, the smell is more than we can bear.  It has been a few days since I started the treatment on Julia's MC.  I thought about stopping it today as she cries hard every time I have to apply the cotton ball with the vinegar and apply it to the bumps and then cover it with bandaids.  Even though the blog said that you have to be diligent and consistent - which are two of my good characteristics that are easier for me than others - I still couldn't stand putting Julia through so much pain.  Or smell.  Or torture with sticky bandaids all over.  It has not been fun in any way.

Then tonight came.

Jules has picture day tomorrow - she'll look so cute in her uniform!!  Every night I apply the ACV to five of her many bumps.  And have been testing out those particular bumps with it.  We've watched them go through the several stages of development which is normal.  Had been waiting for them to bump out white in the center and especially for them to turn black.  Today was the day!!!

As I took off her bandages, I noticed that four of the five bumps are now black.  Hallelujah!!!!  We've killed some of them!  Gave me so much hope that our baby can be rid of these evil bumps.

I put tea tree oil on them in the shower each night, cover them with ACV and bandages.  Usually soaks through her clothes and then we change her into another set.  I've also been changing her bedding every night before she sleeps.  Laundry has been insane!!!!  But as we are seeing fabulous results, there is no holding us back!

So very glad to see it working and just praying I can keep up my energy to deal with it as it's so time consuming and adds so much more work to our nights.

We've been giving Jules some tylenol and she's able to sleep so much better which is wonderful!  In fact last night she slept all through the night!!!  And if I hadn't caught Jeremy's sinus infection, we would have slept all night too!  Just praying Riley continues to stay healthy.

Today I had my first day of work all day followed by a team lead meeting and then piano students until 6pm.  Tomorrow is staff meeting and then Thursday is another day of piano students until 6pm.  Very thankful that this year has been incredible so far.


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