One Month

Just finished one month of school already!!  And I've been able to work every day so far!  Last year the girls were so sick, I had already taken some of my days off to be home with them.  Thankful to be able to go to work this year!

Though Riley woke up this morning and had the barking seal cough.  Continued to have it this morning, but her symptoms improved.  Tonight the barking seal cough came back.  Treated her for croup = steamy shower for 20 plus minutes in the bathroom while we sat and colored; cool mist humidifier going in her room tonight; tylenol to ease pain.  We are supposed to go to a birthday party for her cousins.  Hoping to still make it, but want to make sure she won't be passing this along to them!

Choir starts on Monday.  Looking forward to working with the choir students!  So many of them.  Should be a good year.


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