Ninth Day of School

Riley had all sorts of plans going into today.  She and her friend Kiah planned out their weekend unbeknownst to her mom and I.  Her mom is the nurse and the girls met over the summer so they would each know someone from school.  They've totally hit it off and have been playing together in my room after school.  Usually they watch part of a Barbie movie while eating their afternoon snack.  So cute!

Kiah's mom told me later on that Riley told her that Julia would be gone at my parents' house so she would be free to play with her.  And that after church on Sunday would be great so they could get together many times.  She is so excited about it!  So we talked it out and I'll be texting Joanna to find out when a good day for a playdate will be.  Her husband is a youth pastor so their weekends can be a little crazy.

A few other girls in Riley's class want to get together so we'll have some more playdates.  I talked with one of the moms today at morning duty and she was very excited about it!  Her daughter's name is Elizabeth, but has always insisted that her name was Biza and won't answer to anything else.  And would not respond to anything else even when she was really little.  She is the cutest thing!!  Her other friend is Sophie and she came over this summer as well.  Super sweet girl.  So it will be fun to have some more playdates soon!!

Riley was also very excited about how she has homework now!  We have a sheet to fill out and we have to sign it every time we do something.  She also has two workbooks to do throughout the year to help her work on her writing.

Today she told us that she was learning about how to sort by shape and sort by color.  She said it was really fun.  She's brought home papers with stars and stickers.  So far things have been very easy for her.

Julia's bumps are being killed by the second it seems.  We treated six new ones tonight and there are only a few tiny ones to kill off before we are done!!  Poor thing is in pain but is handling it unbelievably well.  And it's so very great to see them going away.  She is SUPER excited to have a special day at Grandma and Grandpa's house tomorrow!!  She whined for a few hours after work today and I thought I was going to lose it.  Frustrating hearing a whiny child after dealing with so many children before getting her.

Madi's doing well.  She has three projects to finish in the next three weeks - one per subject.  She worked on one of them tonight.  Might work well to have her do one each weekend so that she can spread out the work.  She's spending tons of time writing out cat families in a journal for pretend cat families that she would have in her Warriors clans.  I don't understand it (and I can't stand cats), but I'm glad she likes it so much!  We're encouraging her to find some things she really likes to do and to do them.  And to branch out from only choosing to read when she is by herself.

She doesn't like to be by herself ever and needs constant attention and literally says "look at this!  Watch this!" repeatedly throughout the day.  Doesn't matter what she is doing.  Sometimes she is literally staring at something or holding an object or imitating what Julia just did five seconds ago and telling you to watch.  We often don't quite know what to say so we just say "um - okay."

So we were all talking today about what she likes to do just for the fun of it even if noone is watching or noticing or paying attention.  What she likes to do just because she wants to do it.  So she mentioned reading and we were like "what else?"  because reading is definitely a love of hers. She couldn't think of anything so I asked her if she would think that drawing was something she might enjoy just for fun.  Without asking us every other second "check this out - you see this line? What do you think of this?" and just simply drawing for the sake of drawing.

She replied with "Why would I draw?" which was fascinating.  She had a very hard time thinking about things she likes to do if she can't get attention for it.  And had a hard time thinking about things she likes to do just because she can do them and enjoying time by herself doing them. She said she likes for people to see everything and watch.  Could be why some days we are on overload from being asked to watch so often.


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