The last few weeks have been fabulous for running!  Each week has gotten a little cooler - 100 then 97 then yesterday was in the high 70s.  Loved it!!  Both Riley and Madi wanted to go running with me so I told them they could and we all got our laces tied and running shorts on.  I usually love to go by myself as they can't always sustain the running for long, but figured it'd be fun to go out the three of us.

They did really great!!  We sprayed lots of 'Off' on as the mosquitoes have been proven to have West Nile Virus (or at least, some have infected people).  We did intervals of running and walking.  Riley would go zooming ahead of us and Madi would be in front of me and I'd be at the back of the pack.  We did a loop around the neighborhood and went a mile.  Madi went inside, but Riley insisted she wanted to go again with me.  So we did the mile loop again.  It was a little drizzly but felt fabulous.  Riley made it no problem the whole mile doing interval walking and never complained about being tired.  She has the most amazing stamina!!!

We got home and showered and I put her to bed.  She slept with no problems (or course!).

Julia woke up Riley at 5:45am and then they came and woke me up right away.  We went downstairs and got the morning started.  Another early Saturday!


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