Croup is Here

3:30am wake up today.  Riley had a bad dream where Madi and all her friends got to eat ice cream, but she didn't.  She woke up coughing.  So I went in her room and tried to sleep the rest of the night.  She wasn't restless, but her breathing was strange so I stayed up just listening to her.  Thankful for the humidifier!  She was awake at 6:30am and we got right up.  Went downstairs and snuggled on the couch to watch a show.  Julia then woke up and all of us sat on the couch together.  Was very sweet.

Julia woke up this morning with a slight chesty cough and tons of snot.  She's been fighting a cold which is often the beginning stage of croup.  Being that Riley is fighting croup, it's very likely Julia has it as well.  By the end of today, both were coughing and very tired.  We spent 20 minutes in the steamy bathroom.  We played with legos on the lego table.  And then we painted toe nails and fingernails while we breathed in the steamy air.  The girls handled it great.

Since croup is mostly caught by other children (and the party we were supposed to go to today had many children at it), we chose to not go to the party.  Did not want to infect other kids.

My mom went to RI to visit Jon and Allison and hadn't seen the girls in a few weeks.  She wasn't sure she wanted to see them today as they were not feeling well, but after an hour or so, she called to ask if we could come over.  Jeremy and Madi stayed home so I took Riley and Jules to my parents' house.

We made some Christmas ornaments, went to Michaels to get Halloween decorations for my mom's front porch, and spent time playing.  Julia would not take a nap the entire time we were there (thinking it was due to ice cream right before her nap- ha!).  So we went home around 4:15pm.  Five minutes into the drive, she was asleep.  Though she woke up as soon as we were home and didn't go back to sleep.  Tonight ended up being an early bedtime.  She was asleep by 7pm!!!!  Loving that!  First time in weeks that she has gone to sleep before 9pm and I don't even know what to do with two hours of free time.


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