Riley has been really into drawing pictures of things constantly.  She absolutely loves art!!

Her latest drawings had some captions and sentences below.  One is a picture of her and I standing in a toy store.  The horse has a sign that says $300.  The caption says:  "I want a tov hosas." (I want a toy horse)  I have a few bubbles coming out of my mouth and I'm saying "No Riley."  Her bubble in her mouth is saying "Way" (why??).  She told me that she wrote that we were saying this because I wouldn't get her the horse because it was too expensive.

Another picture was of Grandma and Riley.  She wrote the sentence "I went to Grandpa's house and we went to the grocery store."  Her words:  "I wat to my gapos has and I wat to ta grosresy."  It shows Grandma and Riley holding hands and smiling big while pushing a cart.


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